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Skilled Workers Are Key; Tri State’s Training Programs Help You Succeed

“In a survey from Lloyd’s, the Global British insurance concern, U.S. executives considered lack of skilled workers one of the greatest risks their companies face in 2013 and beyond, second only to loss of customers.”
– Wall Street Journal, December 5th, 2012

Skilled, trained workers are fundamental to your firm’s delivering quality products and services to your customers and to maximizing your investments in automation technology.

Consider this:

  • Downtime increases when employees are not properly trained on your equipment they cannot maintain or configure
  • Insurance and compliance incident costs increase when employees are not trained to support safety and compliance, and the risk of accident and number of accidents rises as well
  • Job satisfaction increases when companies invest in training while employee turnover decreases

Investments in training your team have very clear returns-on-investments.

Tri State Supply’s Approach

The most successful training programs are not one-time events but rather a continuous, ongoing activity, with reassessments at regular intervals to ensure maximum return on investment.

Through our partnership with Rockwell Automation we are able to offer factory direct training on all Allen-Bradley products and Rockwell Software® as well as a wide range of craft skills training such as welding, hydraulics, pipe bending, etc.

By investing your training dollars in our Training Savings Account you can save up to 20% and have one full year to use the funds. We can bring this training directly to your facility or you can attend one of the hundreds of classes scheduled throughout the year.

Our Disciplined Process is Key to Maximizing the Return on Your Training Investment

What We Offer

Tri State Supply offers regular one day seminars including some hands on events throughout the year. Click here to view all Tri State Supply events, including trainings.

For more information on training, please contact Rick Brewer, Tri State Services and Support Specialist, at 724-344-8331 or